Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blog Blog Blog

So what is this new phenomena all about? I spoke with my online friend earlier and told me all about getting paid to blog. She said that it is kind of cool to say what you want to say and get paid for it. She told me about a friend that earned more than $600 just for sharing her thoughts. That is awesome...I thought. Wow! So how do we do this? (Blah blah blah and "Waaalaah!" $$$. Uhhmmmm. ) It is also cool because you have the opportunity to endorse the products that you like and share your thoughts about it. There are a lot of sites that help you find the advertisers that will pay just to say something about their products. Products that will tell about you.

Folks, what do you think of this money-making-online-trend? We will see what the new page shows for me.

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