Friday, January 25, 2008

Penalized For Working Hard

I am so frustrated today. They cut my incentive earnings because I exceed the company's expectations.

This is the story. I work in a call center for Zurich Ins. as a Claim Intake Professional. We have a revenue goal of $108.00. Every claim that we processed has an amount equivalent to it. It is not really a real money but that is just how they measure our performance. We should reach an average goal of $108.00.

One incentive that they give is a Monthly Production Growth. For example, if a Claim Intake Professional had a $108.00 of average revenue a month prior, he/she should get a 5-15% growth on the present month to get a $200-$400 bonus. This new incentive starts this month. For a baseline, they take the November revenue average to measure the Production Growth for the month of January (not sure why they chose November instead of December).

And guess what? My revenue average in November was $141.26. That is way higher than the revenue expectations. I am screwed because I work too hard. There is only a few of us in the Call Center that has that kind of revenue. (I had the highest revenue last quarter) There is no way that I can make more than what I can do. It is like the maximum amount that I can do. There is no way that I can process more claims than what I normally process. I should probably type so fast like a robot. So, because my revenue baseline is already too high and I can not make 15% higher than that, then I have no chance for a $400 bonus. I have a better chance to get the $200 bonus (need $147.00 average)but I am not sure if I can, depending on how many accidents that occur. (Yes, that is how insurance works.)

It really sucks! Other Reps that had a lower revenue in November and had improved this month can get that bonus. It is so unfair.

I said, "You know, I should slow down I guess and just get $108.00 revenue average next month". "And then, a month after next, I should work more to get 15% higher than $108.00 to get that $400 bonus".

Sorry for my bad attitude. I am just very angry right now.

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