Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pinays in the States

The 2007 Christmas was the busiest for me so far because of all the parties that I attended. One of the parties that I enjoyed was the birthday party of my friend's mama. I was so happy to meet a lot of beautiful Filipinas in there.

It was great to meet another 'Pinoy' in this foreign country. Sometimes if you do not see somebody that shares your physical characteristics (short height, dark hair, cute nose), it feels like you are going to blow.

My friend Zima hosted that party. The food was great. Filipino food of course. Lechon, pancit and the classic Filipino desserts such suman and sticky rice (biko) were there to choose from. UUmmmm...just thinking about them makes me hungry right away.

It was a priceless experience. Trust me. When you are home away from home, you need those kind of get-together parties.

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intrepidideas said...

Hey nice photos. I'm just stopping by. Loved the music. Rick Braun - Sao Paulo is great. Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I think that's nice pictures...
Personal information alright?
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deejay said...

how about sapin sapin..luv it here!

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