Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are You Wearing A Butt Floss?

These words just crack me up. I am still laughing right now. I was reading a discussion at blogcatalog about who made thongs. I then saw the comment about butt floss. I realized that thongs are kind of a butt floss.

I do not wear thongs at all. They are uncomfortable. I wear granny's underpants. Just kidding. I wear just the normal one. I did not say that thongs are not normal but thongs are not for me. I am too traditional (Filipino thingy) I guess.

I remember waiting on a checkout line and this lady in front of me bent down to look for something in her bag. I observed a colorful letter "T" behind her. I was gonna tell her that her thongs were showing but I did not know how to say it. I just looked somewhere else.

What would you do if you saw something like that?

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Rene Perez said...

Ha! I couldn't agree more! The lady in front of you had a "whale tale" hee hee... I wear the boy cut underwear. My sister complained of my "panty line" and kept on until she got me to at least wear the boy cut. I wore a thong for exactly 10 minutes one day..that's a long time. I can't handle it. I added you to my blog roll!!! You have a great blog! Love to read it!

silvertooth26 said...

butt floss, lol...

I wouldn't know what to do but perhaps that would depend if the butt-floss wearer has a good behind or not.. ok enough of my comment. :)

Saw your request on BC and I've added you up on my blogroll. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invite, I would appreciate it if you can comment on some of my posts too. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate thongs as well. butt floss would perfectly describe it. I am also a Pinay so it must really be a Fiipino thingy.

Liked your blog, really. Do come by my site as well, if you have time. Pinay friends are always welcome.

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