Thursday, February 7, 2008

How Entrecard Helps Bloggers

What is an Entrecard? This is a very unique site that helps bloggers get more traffic by advertising into others sites. All you have to do is visit sites and drop your card (it is like a business card) into their widget and once it is approved by the owners of those sites, your blog will be advertised in their sites for more exposure.

Entrecard has ec (credits) that they give to the members. There are three easy ways for you to earn credits:

1. when you visit other sites and drop your card into their widget

2. when other Entrecard members drop their cards into your widget

3. when you advertise somebody else's site into your widget

If you want to advertise your site into somebody else's widget, you need to pay them credits. The more credits you have, the more chances that you can advertise your site or blog for free. I suggest that you make credits first by visiting blogs and dropping your card into their widget before your advertise.

Do you want more visitors into your site? Drop your card into my widget and it will be approved as soon as possible.

Happy blogging!

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