Friday, February 8, 2008

Tag and Friendship

So why would a blogger tag? Is that for friendship or for a rank? I understand now that tagging helps you raise your Technorati rank. But, does it really matter? Isn't it more important to have a real reader and not just a stop by visitor?

I got a tag from my friend. I'd say that she is a very hardworking person. She is a real blogger in a blogging world. She visits my blog a lot and I really appreciate it. She is one of those visitors that reads and comments your blog and not just a stop-by visitor/bloghopper. She has 4 blogs right now and she is already starting to earn money on blogging. How wonderful!

Visit her blog here to see what she is up to. Also, you can link her by copying the code below.

visit pinay love stories blog

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1 comments: said...

Hi joy thanks naks naman ha starring pa c papa allen hehehee i changed my title heheIniawan ko ang isang blog about all stories kc i ask man s smorty na puede change nila URL since approved nami doon pero they said i had to re-apply again hhahaa same with blogvertise kc they are after the ranking man...Salamat Joy for those Love reading stories...visit my Blogs..Thank you so much..add na kita sa 4 ko na blog joy...

tag-4 u ...

yours truly

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