Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You say, they say

I am making a list. A list of my experiences/observations. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in a small community, was raised by conservative parents and stayed in the same community until I moved to the United States. I moved to Hawaii, a more liberated place compared to where I used to live in the Philippines. I then moved from Hawaii to Colorado, a less liberated place than Hawaii.

Here are the facts:


1. wish they have a longer, thinner and pointy nose than the wide and cute nose.

2. wish they were taller.

3. wish they have whiter skin. They buy whitening lotion to help that.

4. get together in the park (plaza) or on the street almost everyday to get together, talk, sing and gossip with neighbors.

5. do not care if there kids go out with their friends, visit the neighbors, play on the street or play in the park just by themselves. Parents just whistle or say "pssssttt" to call them back to the house.

6. like to see the ladies' fair thighs. Guys would whistle if they see them.
7. like to watch Telenovelas or soap operas. Kids, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers gather to see the TV show.

8. like to get together and sing Karaoke.

9. use umbrellas to hide from the sun and protect themselves from rain.

10. walk a lot. Only a few Filipinos own a car/truck. Ratio- 1:10,000 (just my estimate).

11. eat rice every meal.

12. want to work no matter what it is to support the family but it is hard to get a job unless you have a College Diploma.

13. gossip a lot. (It is a fact). The news spreads so fast by word of mouth.

14. in a community get together every year during fiestas.

15. have different dialects. They learn to speak English from grade school, learn to speak the national Language which is Filipino (based on tagalog), and they have their own dialect depending on where they live. There are over 500 dialects in the country.


1. wish they have cute noses like the Filipino nose. (Well, some of them.)

2. wish they have tan skin (white americans do).

3. work a lot and hardly see a neighbor.

4. do not like to have their kids go out just by themselves. Perverts are everywhere.

5. use umbrella only when it rains.

6. have at least one car in a family.

7. would rather eat mashed potatoes than rice.

8. are workaholics. They can work whenever they want. Jobs are everywhere. High school diploma is enough to find a job.

9. get together on Thanksgiving with a big Turkey on the table.

10. have accents. Americans from Texas have different accents compared to Americans from California.

Those are just my observations. Some of them might be exagerations. Please let me know if you want to add something.

Here is the AmFil-boy, Amerasian, Philam or whatever.

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Babette said...

Jojo, totoo yung sa whitening soap. My best friend whom I've known since grade school, maiitim sya pero ngayon kasing puti ko na dahil sa Likas Papaya. LOL

The Queen Of Frugal..... said...

Very interesting observations!
Your son is adorable :)

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