Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who thinks you are dumb?

You wouldn't want to be called dumb, would you? Unless, you are really dumb and you do not even know what dumb means. There is too much dumbness in this post so I appreciate your time reading this.

I do not use those difficult words such as abscind, talisman or calenture. I use simple English that everybody could understand. My grammar is not that great but I am able to communicate with English speakers. My husband sometimes corrects my grammar but I think he is more embarrased to tell me than I am on my grammar.

I am learning everyday. I watch the TV especially the judge shows. What a great way to learn English! They said something like these:

"I don't know nothing about nothing". Is that mean that they know about something?

"I seen her vandalized my car." Maybe you should say "I have seen".

"They was there inside the bar when it happened." Uhhh. They was?

Oh! Maybe I should just read books and not watch too much of this crap. I should just follow this little fellah who flips a lot of books. He has learned a lot and taught me.

"Tee too" (Thank you)

"Hee yoo" (Hello)

"Dededee" (Well, that is from Carlos Mencia)

"Laa yoo" (I love you")

"ah ya tooo ssss" (I am not sure what he was talking about.)

"ahuh" (That means, he agreed)

I learned a lot from him that's why I scored so high in this vocabulary test.

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!

You must be quite an erudite person.

Try that one and see if you'll get a high score like me. If not, then ask this little fellah for help

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twinkletoe said...

wow A! congrats sis.. galing naman :]

about my blog sis I got it from tapos ako na ng tweak at ng change sa ibang codes. if you know css/html codes madali lang.

jmarzo said...

HI there, thank you for taking time to visit my blog and comment on of my posts. You have a very interesting blog yourself, and you are like one of those rock star moms.

Pinay Jade said...

Hahaha this is funny. I also make alot of grammatical errors in my posts I'm sure and once in awhile when my husband sees it he couldn't help but make some corrections.
but hey blogging is a great way to improve, right.
keep it up.Cheers!

Angelika said...

I don't know if this post was serious or not.

But if it was serious, definitely DO NOT watch TV to learn English. Read books. In addition to learning correct grammar, it will expand you vocabulary.

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