Saturday, May 17, 2008

Night Owl

I am becoming a night owl. I sleep late and wake up late. Sometimes, if I go to bed early, I can not sleep. What is happening with me? I hate to use sleeping pills. I do not like pills. My husband could not help. He is a night owl, too.

I wish I can just hold the sun like this,

then I would not be a night owl but a day owl. Just kidding!

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earthlingorgeous said...

wow, those pics are awesome, I only had one of those pics... love it! I am actually recreating those pics my own version holding the sun hahaha!

Jenaisle said...

Wow, I like these pictures. They're wonderful. Are these your shots? Can I borrow them? I will link back to your site to acknowledge the source, kindly inform. Thanks for sharing.

dimarkitekt13 said...

it's very unique. pictures like that is truly one of a kind. even without any photo editing.. great post.. keep it up...

wendy said...

hi jojo =)

nice pictures!! my hubby sleeps really late too. he watches dvds all night while I sleep =)

regards to Pisio =) (only found out he's your husband recently hehe tama ba? hehe)

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