Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

Our job at work requires us to talk to different kinds of people with different personalities. They call in our office to complain, file a claim, or whatever it is that they think we can help. Because it is our job to answer the phone, it is also our job to adjust to the personalities we are dealing with.

One day, a guy, probably a Property Manager in Cincinnati, or maybe a Vet doctor from Tennessee (I can't remember) called to renew his company's insurance. He said his agent called and advised him that his coverage would lapse on the weekend if he does not renew soon. Guess what? He called on the weekend and the offices who deal with account billing were closed. His agent's office was also closed. So, he phoned our office and demanded me to help him renew his account. I wish I could help him (I wish I could take his money, lol) but I couldn't because we don't deal with billing. He got abusive over the phone and told me that I was not listening to him. (What was I suppose to do? Take his money and do something that I was not trained to do?) I wish I could get somebody for him but the offices were closed. Aarrrggg. I wish I could tell him, why didn't you pay your bills during business hours? Everybody knows most offices close on the weekends. Oh people!!!


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