Monday, March 22, 2010

On Playing Online Games

Online games are so addicting. Trust me I know how addicting they are. I was an online gamer and I used to play Dominoes at Yahoo games and I could not stop myself from playing. Once I started, I got hooked up. I would play all night long with other online players. It was fun because I liked the competition however it wasted a lot of my time.

With Facebook which was one of my most frequent sites, playing online games was hard to resist. I used to play Bejeweled so much that I would go to bed really late. I would play and play until I'd get tired. Fortunately, I realized that my time should not be spent on playing online games. I should put more time to my kids' love tank and time bank. Also, I showed a bad behavior to my son who also likes to play games at Sprout, an interactive site for kids. (I'd rather have him play with his toys than online.)

Those addicting sites like funbrain, popcap, and yahoo games are already out in my bookmark links. I hope and pray that I don't type their sites in the browser anymore. I have too little time and I have two growing precious kids waiting for my time.


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