Monday, April 5, 2010

Paradise In My Backyard

I was talking to a customer on the phone. He was from Alabama and he said he loves his state. I said I've never been to Alabama and I would love to visit his state. He talked about how he loves fishing, etc. He then asked me where I was. I said, Colorado.

(This is 7 minutes away from our house. Click the photo to view larger.)

He said that he had never been to Colorado. I then started telling him what I love about Colorado. One of the things that I love about Colorado is the Pikes Peak, I said. He then told me that America has everything. We just don't know it. America has the beautiful lakes, beaches, mountains and others (I can't remember everything he said.) They are just in our own backyard. I agreed with him.

(A minute away from my house. Click the photo to view larger.)

(Took this photo in a moving car. My husband was driving, I promise. I brightened it up. Click the photo to view larger.)


gambutku said...

i like this images.

squidy said...

it's nice picture my friend.:D

Live Love Life said...

Thank you friends. I had a good time taking those pictures while the car was running 50MPH.

Christina said...

Beautiful view.. Breathtaking! Well done!

Self Sagacity said...

I would agree with your customer! We live in CA and there is everything, it's no wonder why real estate here is so expensive! Smiles.

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