Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday, Friends and Everything

My baby girl just turned one. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday and I had friends over. It was such a nice get-together. It was only a small party because some friends and family canceled to come. We got to talk to everyone and did some catch-ups. I showed my friends our backyard (because I was so proud of it) including our nice fence which was done by my husband and our neighbor next door. (I'd say it is as nice as a cap and trim fence).

My husband made great steaks, and grilled (crunchy) chicken meat. I made some deserts - Dump Cake and Mango Float. We did not buy a Birthday Cake because we already did that on Friday. This was actually the second birthday party for her. We had some appetizers as well that we bought from the Wallie World.

My daughter showed them how she could walk and talk a little bit. It was so funny because she would show this shyness. She'd hide her face onto my chest, then look at them and then hide her face again. She was probably not use to having a lot of people in the house. My son was asleep in his room so that really helped a lot. I did not have to worry about him throwing tantrums.

That was a wonderful night and I felt this wonderful blessing to have wonderful family and friends.


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