Friday, May 28, 2010

Google Pagerank, Welcome

I was really surprised when I checked my blog this evening. I saw a PR3 in the toolbar. I thought it was just a mistake so I refreshed my browser. I saw the PR3 again. Still not convinced, I went to a PR checker website to check the pagerank manually. Then, it said Pagerank - 3.

This blog had been on and off in the active world of blogging. It was too hard to maintain because of my new baby and a toddler. I left this blog inactive for a few months. I came back blogging again three months ago.

My love in blogging has its ups and downs. I admit it. Not enough time is one of the drawbacks. I try my best though to make a post.

Thank you Google for giving me a pagerank. I really appreciate it. Now, I can relax.


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