Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Squidoo Surprised Me Today

Wow...Squidoo deposited some money to my Paypal so I was really surprised. The lens that I made last year made me some money. I completely forgot about it until today when I saw the company Squidoo that sent it.

I know that a lot of people are really successful with Squidoo. I learned it from the Bum Marketing lessons. I heard that some of them earn at least $250 from just one lens once a month. If you are really good with keywords and stuff then it will be more. If you write more than one lens, then you get the idea. You'll have lots of monies.

If you don't know what Squidoo is about, maybe you should read some of Pot Pie Girl's post @ I like her tutorials.

I guess I need to write more lenses.

Here is my Lens that made me money If you are a good writer, go ahead and register.


imelda said...

wow congrats. il access this one.

imelda said...

sis i am now signed up with squidoo but i don't know what to do, how to put links and the amazon and ebay ads. can u help me pls? thanks a lot. sis this is my link

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