Thursday, June 24, 2010

What do you do to relax?

I am tired of my desk job honestly. It is very stressful and there is just too much work...non-stop, literally. Type with the keyboard the whole day, analyze claims, listen to the whiny callers, research some stuff, search download and preview pdf, search for frauds, and so much more are the things that I do at work.

I saw this quote in one of my co-worker's desk: "How can I get out of the box if I am working in a cube?". This is sort of what I feel right now. I am so tired I want to cry. I just want to get out and do something different.

What do you do to relax yourself from all the stress in the world?

Thankfully, the kids are already asleep so I'll have time to relax later and maybe drink a little bit of red wine. I really want a one-hour massage and get my back muscles relaxed from all the sitting in front of the computer the whole day. Oh yeah...a massage sounds wonderful.

Another thing that I can do to relax and get the stress out is take a long warm bath. A Jacuzzi sounds great but unfortunately we don't have it so a simple warm bath will do.

Well, I better go and start my bath.


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