Monday, June 14, 2010

Yucky Back Pain

I got aches in my back when I started to work 10 hours for four days a week. Imagine sitting on your chair for 10 hours in front of the computer. It sounds really boring, right? However, I like the three days off afterwards.

With this kind of work I have, I forget about time. I just work and work not thinking about how long I've been sitting in my chair and staring to the computer monitor. After work, that's when I feel the aches and pain.

I went to visit my chiropractor today for my monthly appointment and he said that my upper back/shoulder blades area are really in a bad shape. He gave me a nice shoulder massage. It was painful and at the same time, relaxing. He also adjusted my stiffed neck and it felt so good.

I spoke to my husband about our bed. Our bed is old so it could be one of the reasons why I have this problem in my back. I also said maybe we should just use raised air bed or maybe those expensive ones like the sleep number bed. He said maybe someday.

I also started Yoga recently. They said it helps with stress and heals discomforts in the body. I hope it is true but it was actually relaxing when I did a routine.

I hope this pain goes away soon. It is very annoying.


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