Monday, July 26, 2010

My Weight

I lost some weight from Zumba Dance and high protein drinks!

I searched my drawer looking for some short pants just because I wanted to wear shorts. It had been really really hot and humid. I found an old pair which I bought in Hawaii. I thought the shorts were too small. I tried them on anyway just out of curiosity. They fit on me. I was surprised. The shorts size? SIZE 2.

I have been dancing the Zumba beat with my husband this past weeks. We have been dancing at nights. (It is actually nice to have a partner with this kind of stuff.) Just search Zumba in the search engine if you don't know what that is. They have the latin dances and some African beats. The dance steps are actually fun.

To compliment with my dance fitness, I bought some protein drinks like the Special K shakes. I just wanted to lose a few pounds and try those drinks. They are actually pretty good. I bring one to work every morning as a good start for the day. It keeps me from getting hungry.

What I am concentrating now is the toning of my core area. I don't care too much about my weight anymore...just the flabby area in my belly (from the 2 pregnancies).

If you want to lose just a few pounds, maybe you should try the Zumba and drinking high protein drinks. Maybe it'll work for you too.


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