Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Completely Random

This is the end of my PTO at work so I am enjoying every bit that's left. I was just surfing for something really interesting tonight like mailboxes. Yeah, completely random right? Well, while surfing through some mail boxes via online catalog, I saw a really interesting product. It is the H. Potter Barrel Roof Terrarium as shown in the picture below.

This product fits with my lifestyle. I had a plant in the house but it died because I forgot to water it. I know I suck at plants but the H. Potter Barrel Roof Terrarium sounds really cool. I learned that the plants inside the miniature garden will transpire moisture through their leaves, which then condenses on the glass, and flows back to the soil. It will create a 'rain effect' which then allows the terrarium to go for weeks without watering. I like that. Hmmmm...just thinking.

Going back to the mail box search, I did not see any interesting designs as of yet. I just thought maybe I'll just search again tomorrow night. Okay, I am done with mailbox now, I better go to bed.


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