Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIRECTV: Love And Hate Relationship

What should you get? Satellite TV or Cable TV?

My husband and I love to watch movies or TV shows especially at nights. TV time is like our family time. We own this big flat screen TV so we need a service that can provide good quality or HD type of shows.

We had the choices of owning satellite Dish TV or Cable TV. My husband loves football. In America, it seems everybody loves football. That is their most popular sport. So we had to choose the satellite TV because of the HD Channel and we picked DirecTV for that. They have more HD channels than cable.

What I love about DirecTV are the options and the convenience. If we want more channels then we can choose a more expensive package. When our budget gets tight, we can just change it right away to a less expensive package. We can change it online without the hassle or call their toll free number and it will take effect the next month. We don't have any complaints about their customer service as of yet. So far so good.

What I hate about DirecTV (and Satellite TVs in general) is when the weather gets really bad. When it is raining, windy or snowy, the reception gets so bad and the picture gets shaky or turns into black/blank. Cable TV doesn't do that.

Well, if you are still shopping about what to get, make sure you read about tv pricing. If you want the satellite TV, then don't miss the direct satellite tv offers.

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Alison said...

My boyfriend and I also take time at nights to watch TV to spend some time together with the want to push our awesome HDTV to its potential. We actually have DISH Network (me now working with them) and enjoy the most HD channels in the best picture around. Plus with DISH HD channels are free even in the most basic package, which carries something for the whole family. It's great! :)

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