Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Your Good Credit Score Back

Are you looking for The Credit People to help you with your credit score?

Identity theft is very rampant these days especially that the internet and social networking are growing. Our equipments and services are more high-tech so the criminals are getting smart and high-tech as well. Unfortunately, some people could not keep up with these improvements so they get scammed. They get their names stolen and eventually, get their credit scores screwed.

While I was in Hawaii (my first year in US), I was really naive about identity theft so I was filling out forms online hoping to make money while at home. One day, I got a phone call from a lady with a hard accent. She said that I won a significant amount of money (can't remember of the exact amount) but I have to deposit some money first in order to redeem the amount I won. She immediately asked my bank account number. I was really confused, trying to remember how I won and from which website. Before I gave her my account number, I asked her who she was, what her name, the company she works for and phone number. I also told her that I have to talk to my husband first before anything else. She then hung up.

If I had given up my information especially my bank account to that lady, I would have probably spent a lot of time looking for a credit repair service. I could have screwed my husband's credit score as well because his name was in the account. It would have been a nightmare for us.

If you have experienced this and you are still looking hard to Repair Your Bad Credit, don't lose hope. Keep going until your good name and your good credit score is back.

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