Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want A Real Vacation

I just had a vacation called stay-cation. I just stayed in our home with the kids during those three weeks. We were planning to go somewhere outside of Colorado Springs but we had to cancel because my husband had to work. We were planning to go to Florida at the end of this week but it looks like it is going to be canceled because of Hurricane Earl. I am still hopeful that our trip will go through but if it is going to be dangerous in Florida during our vacation then I'd rather just stay home with my family and be safe.

I really miss swimming in the beach, enjoying the sunshine and some tropical drinks. I was hoping this would happen this year but oh well. I was just kind of surfing, looking through sites like and just dreaming again. Yes, I am a dreamer.

Someday soon, I'd want to go to a beach and stay in a grand hotel like the Myrtle Beach hotel. How I wish it'd be tomorrow. I want to go somewhere. I want to have a vacation. A real vacation. Aaaaahhh... I am sorry. I am just so upset and just sad.

Anyways, check out some great Myrtle Beach vacation deals if you want to have a grand vacation.


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