Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Need Help With School Homework?

Are you a Math problem solver or a Chemistry genius?

I am just so glad that I am not going to school right now because I don't have to study every night, get big eye bags and then get puzzled with a lot of homework. I want to go to college again someday though so I can finish a degree.

While in college in the Philippines, the two most difficult problems that I had to learn and solve were Math word problems and College algebra. They were very challenging and I had to study really hard at nights. I had to solve it on my own. There were no tutors back then that I could hire or anything like that.

Students nowadays are very lucky because there is the internet where you can research things like Factoring polynomials or getting Free homework help without driving to a library and digging into some heavy big books everytime. Students can also get online tutoring pretty easily like in a website called You just type your question in the box and then you'll be connected to a tutor for Free math help, English, Science, or an Essay Review.

Well, when I go back to College and need Math homework help, I know now that there are some online tutoring that I can check out and try. I hope I don't have to be dependent to somebody else's help but you never know what's going to happen. If I have to spend money to get my assignments done on time at home, then this is something that I can probably think about.

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