Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Halloween Costumes

Halloween is about two months away. Time passes too quick. My son is going to turn four really soon, then we will be doing the trick or treat and then celebrate Christmas. Aaahhh...too fast.

Our son's costume last year was Thomas the Tank Engine. We bought it from Walmart. It was quite expensive I think for a costume but we bought it anyway so our son could participate on a trick or treat thingy with the neighbors' kids. It was really fun plus our son was so cute in it. I would not mind having him wear that costume again this year since it still fits him.

I was thinking about my daughter though. What should be the best costume for a one year old girl? I looked at some Bumbleebee Costumes online and they were just so cute. Have you seen them?

I also saw the Ladybug Costume as you can see below. It is so lovely. I like the red dress, the detachable red wings and a matching black antennae headpiece. My daughter would really look so adorable in it.

I know I am too early for this but I like planning sooner than later. Well, I hope you have some plans as well and have a great night.


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