Friday, August 27, 2010

Talking About Wall Clocks

Our house is so quite right now. The kids are napping so here I am blogging again. I hope I don't put you to nap while reading this.

I was just looking around in the house, dreaming and thinking about painting some walls, buying some flower plants and decorating the empty wide space. We have a wall that is just white right now. It is wide and there is nothing on it except our flat screen TV. It looks really boring so I was thinking about putting something on there for it to look more interesting. I was thinking about maybe a big painting, some mirrors or maybe a big family picture. I really don't know yet.

While I was looking for something that would interest me, I saw one of the howard miller wall clocks (below).

I am not sure how this clock caught my eyes. I mean, this is not ugly but not wonderful either. What do you think? I am not sure if putting a wall clock on our wall is in my husband's taste list. I am pretty sure though that there is something unique with that clock. I may show this picture to him and see what he'll say. It will be interesting.


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