Thursday, September 30, 2010

Achieving Higher Education

I studied Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education when I was still in the Philippines because I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be like my mother, my older sister and brother. All of them are teachers in my beloved country. I completed my courses in college except the internship. I did not finish my degree because I chose to be in the United States. I really didn't regret choosing to be in the US instead of finishing college because I believed that the US had more opportunities.

I did not go back to college. I chose to be a mother and wife. My husband had asked me if I want to go back and finish my teaching degree. I answered him "no" and told him I can not afford to be away from our kids that much. I work a full time job so if I go to school, it will mean less time to spend with my family. That won't be good.

Some friends suggested studying online through an Online University like Walden University. They are great for busy people but not that affordable. We can't afford it just yet. My employer offers to pay some percentage for the tuition and books but I am still not sure if we have enough money for everything else. Oh

Speaking of education, The Chronicle is a good website to find some great articles.

Thanks everyone for reading my rant today and have a great day. Tomorrow is TGI Friday! I can't wait for the weekend.


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