Friday, September 17, 2010


I put my kids together in the bath tub for their night time bath. I let them play in there for a while with just a little water in the tub. My son loves to play with his toys in the tub while my daughter loves to irritate him. My son was quiet so I thought they were okay until my son called me and said he was finished. I ran to the bathroom to get his towel and to check on my daughter because she sounded like she was terrified. Well, I discovered that she pooped in the tub. She was scared of her own poop. That was funny. And, my son probably got out of the tub as soon as he saw the floaties. Ewww...gross!

My daughter learned the words "gross" and "ew" tonight. She did. Lol. The situation was actually not that bad because my son did that twice when he was younger so I was a little bit prepared. Kind of. :) We have not had any plumbing issues as of yet so I guess I was doing the right thing.

My husband asked my son if he still wanted to play in the tub and he said yes. So, he really was not finished when he called me. I could not blame him. Who would want to swim with a yucky poop?


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