Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just sick

Yes, I am sick. I got this headache and a runny nose. Yikes! I am just trying to entertain myself by reading some weird news like Jessica Simpson Breast Implants or watching some videos at pinoy 24 tv. I know, I am lame sometimes. I just visit sites just because. I just click and click and not even thinking until I spend my whole day in front of the computer.

My kids are asleep so it is really quite. All I can hear right now is the keyboard tapping while I am typing my post. I wish I knew something that could help me earn money online while bored. I know that blogging helps me with that but I want something that is more stable to help us with other bills.

I heard stuff like adsense revenue sharing. Do you really make money with that? What website pays you? How much do you earn a month? I read make money online articles a lot but they just have you buy stuff but don't know if they work.

I was actually searching in Ebay last night for an established site for sale that gives a passive income. They were some cheap ones but I still don't know if I should trust them or if I should spend my money for something that I am not sure about.

Well...I guess I have to go and take some rest. I still have to work tomorrow.


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