Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking For Pretty Rain Barrels

What should I do to beautify our front yard? It looks pretty plain right now. I really want a front yard fountain because it looks really attractive. It does not matter how small it is as long as there is one in my yard. Whenever I see a fountain, it refreshes me. I don't know why. I actually asked my husband to put some money aside to improve our front yard. I hope we can save and actually improve our yard in the near future.

While I was browsing for stuff, I came across the rain barrels for sale and actually found some cute rain barrels that I can put in the front yard. They are quite expensive for us right now still but we might be able to afford them someday.

I really like this Tijeras rain barrel because of it's simplicity and traditional look of it. It is not just a rain catcher but also a planter for colorful flowers. It looks great.


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