Monday, September 27, 2010

On Cars and Insurance Cost

Why is car insurance for women less expensive than men? I was wondering why they can't make it fair. Is the insurance industry picking on men? I got curious. I did a research about that and now it makes sense.

Men have more risk than women. It is based on numbers or statistics. For example, men typically have more expensive vehicles than women and/or men are more likely to have a DUI on their driving record than women. It is pretty amazing how they came up with their numbers.

I did compare car insurance quotes and I just don't know why some States have higher insurance costs. I really don't want to go to the individual State insurance policies. Why are they different? I don't understand.

Alright, just to let you know I have a crush on volvo c30. It looks pretty cool compared to some honda sedans out there. My neighbor has a Volvo and I just love looking at them. I am not a man who fancies expensive cars but I just like how some cars look. Maybe it is just me.

Okay everyone. Drive safely. Don't drink and drive.


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