Monday, September 13, 2010

On Tiles

When my husband and I were still looking for a new house, we looked at one of the houses for sale. There was this one house with a very nice bathroom. It had these bathroom tiles that were so beautiful, it felt like I was in a spa except smaller. We did not end up buying that house because the rooms looked and felt so tiny. I did not like the overall design of the house but the bathroom.

We ended up buying a brand new house directly from the builder. It has a nice small kitchen and two bedrooms. It also has an unfinished basement which has a lot of potential. We could put more bedrooms in the basement and an entertainment center or just one huge bedroom with the family entertainment room. We are not sure yet but I just love to plan things. We do not have tiles in any of the rooms. I would love to have tiles in our bathroom but our kids are still too little. They might slip and fall a lot if we have tiles. We have to wait for that I guess.

I was talking to my husband a lot about tiles and he said maybe we can think about a backsplash design for our kitchen. I looked online and there are a lot of ideas. I saw subway tiles, vinyl tiles and some colorful glass tiles. I don't know what to get or have but I really like the green color.

I don't know. I just love tiles. I hope someday we can put some somewhere in the house.


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