Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What is the best web hosting choice for a blog?

I am not really good when it comes to this stuff. I did not study computer or internet. I did not know that their are types of web hosting. Honestly, staying with a free web hosting place like Blogger is not a big deal. I can just stay here forever but I often think about the advantages of going somewhere else. Or should I go somewhere else?

There are quite a few of options in the market for web hosting but I want something that is affordable with good customer service. I saw Web Hosting Pad and the price is great. However, it has mixed reviews and that discouraged me.

I want a web hosting server that is affordable. I also want something that can store loads of pictures. I better check this Best Web Hosting Awards 2009 list. It will probably give me some kind of an idea about what I need.

Have a great blogging day!


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