Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ipad, where are you? That thing is so hard to reach. It is quite expensive for me right now. I wish I could afford to buy one. If I had an Ipad, I would use it a lot for blogging and Facebooking. Well, not really. Maybe use it for some photo sharing and games. Oh, I don't know. I am just dreaming.

While we were flying from Florida to Colorado, I saw one of the passengers playing with his Ipad. Actually, his daughter and son also had Ipads. They were playing some kind of video games. I was a little jealous.

If you want an Ipad and you have more luck in you, maybe you should enter a sweepstake. I found a website that is running sweepstakes called iPad Sweepstakes. They said that there is no purchase necessary so it is probably worth a try if you are dying to have an Ipad (like me).

Just an FYI, PrintRunner provides business cards designs which is perfect if you have a small business. They've got hundreds of free designs to choose from in the site. It doesn't just do business cards but also other stuff like sticker printing. Interesting site!

Ipad, someday we will meet. Someday...


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