Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It has not rained for a while in Colorado Springs. It is getting cold but we have not had any rain since I can't even remember. It is almost snow time so we might not have any more rain until next year. I love the raindrops on our roof. I love watching the rain from our kitchen window. I love the sound of it. I will miss the rain again. I guess it is time to get our coats, gloves, boots and hats ready for the winter. Snow usually starts during Halloween.

Speaking of rain, have you seen a japanese rain chain? The chain is a decorative alternative to traditional closed gutter downspouts. It looks so cute and it is like you have a water feature in your yard.

Some rain chains are perfect for your garden. The designs are great that they kind of enhance the beauty of your garden other than catching the rain slowly from the roof to the ground.

As you can see in the picture, it is not just a gutter rain chain. It is also like a decor with a purpose. That is called a Tara Flower Cups Rain Chain which is made of extra thick Copper and solid Brass links. I wonder if they make the calm rain noise. The people who had thought of this idea are very good. I hope to get one of these in the future.

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