Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boston Luxury Lofts

I really never wanted to live East of the Mississippi River, but with the economy the way it is, my husband may eventually have to start looking back East for employment. One city I would like to live in would be Boston. Like all things on the East coast, we are assuming Boston Real Estate will be way above our pay grade and we will be forced to rent one of the many available Boston Condos.

I really like the ideal of living in a loft overlooking the city, and seems like Boston Lofts would be readily available, except they are not really kid friendly. We would need something with a little bit of a yard as our kids love to play outside and run around. I guess as a parent you have to put the needs of your kids above the dreams of yourself. Sigh, to be young again... Just kidding.

Bushari Group Real Estate specializes in helping people find, buy and sell Boston Luxury Real Estate, but seriously, what real estate in Boston isn’t Luxury? Perhaps in the future we will be using them to help us find a piece of Boston Real Estate in our price range. Then again, I’m really kind of hoping he gets the job that could take us back to Maui.


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