Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dallas Real Estate

Texas is not a place I have ever been, but from what my husband says it is a great state (he was born there). I am not sure if we could ever move back there and if we did it would more than likely be out near where he was born. I wonder how Dallas Real Estate market is doing right now?

Owning real estate in a big city like Dallas is still in my wildest dreams. We can't really afford to buy another investment right now but who knows. Maybe someday we can reach that dream. I checked the Dallas Homes for Sale and the numbers are not really bad. I heard that there is no property tax in Texas. Wow...

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the country. In areas like Dallas there is potentially more investment value in real estate. I am not so sure if I can handle big cities to tell you honestly. I like country lands because they are quiet and that is what I am used to. I think though that owning a house in Dallas will probably be a good investment. What do you think? If you have time, check out the Dallas Homes For Sale at


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