Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dreams and Memories

When my husband transferred from the Army to the Air National Guard he did his technical training at Ft. Gordon Georgia. Being a Hawaii boy, he missed the beach and the ocean during his time on the mainland. A crusty old tech sergeant saw he was a bit depressed and missing home, and asked what he could do to help the young airman. My future husband at the time responded he needed to see the beach and get in the ocean again. A plan was crafted in the NCO’s head.

That weekend was a three day weekend and they both had earned off base passes. The sergeant packed my husband up and they drove off to Myrtle Beach (a mere four hours away) for the day. My husband spoke fondly of the day he spent there. The sheer beauty of the place was different from Maui, but beautiful none the less. I can’t help but think what it would be like to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach and stay in a Myrtle Beach hotel.

There are tons of resorts in Myrtle Beach to choose from, but we would need something literally right on the beach. We loved to walk on the beach, and now with two kids, getting them in the car, getting them out of the car and then dragging them along would just be horrible. Something like this would be ideal; Perhaps something on the ground level where we could roll out of bed, open the door and be sitting on the sand. Just thinking about this I am already relaxing, letting my mind drift to swimming in the waters of the Atlantic... and hearing my husband curse as his ball lands in one of the many sand traps at a local golf course (He’s not much of a golfer, but from what I hear in Myrtle Beach all things are possible).

Oh the joys of dreaming of family vacations. I hope in the near future my husband is able to get a job that will allow us to take one again. As for now, I am left to dream of the fun in the sun my husband had all those years ago at Myrtle Beach and think about what it would be like to get him there with the family again to relive that memory....


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