Thursday, December 9, 2010

DVD Ripper for MAC

When my husband used to work in Youth Ministry I can remember him sitting at the TV all night with two video tape recorders, or one and a DVD player trying to edit videos to songs using music clips. Some of those nights I had to wonder if he was a Youth Minister or a sailor. It would have been nice if he had a product that allowed him to take the video from the DVD and put it on his hard drive for future editing. That was before the days of products like this DVD Ripper.

Unfortunately my husband is a Mac guy. He would have not have benefited from anything that forced him to work on PC. Luckily this company makes a DVD Ripper Mac. No need for him to work and take up my time on my computer, he could have done it right on his work computer. The really nice thing about working on a Mac is that there is a Video Converter Mac. This would not only allow him to rip the DVD to his hard drive, he could also edit it right there on his computer. No need for any extra software.

The days of video editing with a tape player are long gone. Too bad my husband and I can not get back the hours he spent with a couple of VCRs and his potty mouth. Luckily for you, these products are now available for your use.


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