Thursday, December 30, 2010

LiteSpeed Hosting

LiteSpeed Technology hosting on 8-core Xeon servers with the most competitive pricing; this is an inviting headline for any web hosting site, but for some reason I decided to dig around a bit on this one. I found something interesting about it compared to some. You get 15 more days to evaluate their service than most sites are willing to give. They also offer to beat their competitors by 10%. Perhaps if you are in need of web hosting service you should check them out.

I am happy with blogspot though for now. Maybe because it is free and meets most if not all of my blogging needs. Later, as my blog empire expands though, I may need something more extensive and in depth. I hope I can be able to do that someday soon. I hope that these guys are still around when that time comes. What do you think of LiteSpeed hosting?


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