Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Selling Wholesale Products

There was a time when I was checking out online Wholesale Suppliers for a little side business I wanted to start. I love purses and handbags and really wanted to sell handbags via a technique called drop shipping. No need for a warehouse to store things, essentially I would have just been a middleman for the Wholesalers.

Surprisingly, a wide range of Wholesale Products are sold through this type of marketing. Entrepreneurs like me set up an online store and market their products. When orders come in, they get paid what they want, and the online vendor gets to earn a small profit. It really is a cool way to earn a bit of extra income and both the marketer and the wholesaler end up winning out.

That seems like a long time ago. I think my husband was supportive of my efforts, but sometime it is hard to tell with him. I know he is always leery of get rich quick schemes, but this was an honest business. Now that we are needing extra income, I am sure the both of us wish I would have spent a bit more time trying to sell not only hand bags, but the other Wholesale Products that can be sold via a middleman.


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