Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Into The Habit

My husband used to get our mails from one of the Cluster Mailboxes. He used to do that at nights. I really did not care because I guess he liked to do it and it was his task. He did not tell me which key and which box until he had to leave for work. I got panicked about getting this new task.

I really don't like walking to the mailbox at nights. It is just too creepy especially that I have two little ones. I work pretty early in the morning so it is still dark when I get out to go to work. When I get home from work, it is dark as well so I really don't have a choice but to just stop by in my car with my kids and then run to the mailboxes, open my box and run back to the car and go.

My son likes routines so he always reminds me that we need to stop by the mailboxes and get our mail. He is pretty good about it. It is funny though because I forgot to turn our car to the right to get onto the mailboxes one night and all of a sudden, I heard him cry so loud. I did not realize why until he told me we needed to turn right so we can stop for our mail. Yeah...he is weird that way.

Speaking of mailboxes, what are CBU Mailboxes? I was going to Google it but my internet is going wacky again. I was also wondering why new single-family neighborhoods nowadays use mailboxes like the Apartment Mailboxes. Just thinking...


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