Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Miss Swimming

I miss the beach and pools. I used to swim in the YMCA pool every night about four years ago. I loved the feeling after a good swim especially with my husband. (I miss our good times together for sure.) I remember our afternoons together watching the sunset on Maui and sometimes go for a swim while watching the sunset. You know what's unfair though? He has the chance to swim at a beach in Hawaii everyday while I am here in the Colorado winter and don't even have above ground pools to visit. Yikes!

It is pretty cold right now. I've got the furnace set at 68 degrees. How I wish I could travel with my kids to Hawaii now, feel the aloha and be with him. Someday maybe...someday.

By the way, I love this Aero Portable Spa I found at I'd be pretty cool to have.


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