Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Getting Back On Track...Again

Oh dear...I don't know when I can start dancing Zumba again. I really need to do that soon. I gained weight from all the boxes of chocolate from the holidays you know. My husband brought me those Caramel Chocolate from Maui and I just could not resist. They were so tempting and I blame myself for not having the discipline. I don't think I am too fat but I hate my mid-section. I need to tone it up. It is a good thing that it is still winter because I can just cover them up with bulky coats.

Another thing that I need to do again is to go to the Chiropractic clinic. I need to see my chiropractor soon because my neck is getting stiffed. This is from sitting all day in front of the computer at work 40 hours a week. Sigh* It is getting annoying actually. I bet Dr. Paul is going to ask me where I've been.

I wish you all have a great week. Be safe!


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