Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Product Fulfillment

I really believe that employees at most retail stores are there not to provide goods and services to their customers, but to provide a job and benefit for their employees. They do not seem to get much fulfillment out of their jobs, rather they have a glossed over look in their eyes like they know they are stuck. It is to the point where I dread going shopping at any major chain or big box store.

Anymore, I think that I want to start searching online for product fulfillment. There are bright entrepreneurs out there taking advantage of warehousing services to keep their own costs down, and it seems the days of going to a store to get your products are coming to a slow, and online retailers are coming of age. Some days I really wish I would have continued to develop my own online business.

Not only do these new outlets offer product fulfillment, they also offer order fulfillment. I am not sure what that means, but I bet if you get an order and send it to them they will make sure it is processed in a timely manner. Yes… people are really having less and less reason to leave their homes. Now only if I could find one of those lucrative stay at home opportunities.


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