Monday, January 3, 2011

What Kind Of Car Are You?

I have not taken a test yet to see what kind of car I am but it would be interesting to know. We have a Ford SUV and a Mazda hatchback. They are good vehicles. I love them. I was just wondering if I had a chance to choose a car right now what would I choose?

A lot of my co-workers own Honda Civics. I am not so sure why so I looked online and I found 2011 Honda Civic EX at a Honda Dealer online. That little car is actually good looking especially if the color is blue. It is a small sedan though so it would not be good for a snowy/icy place like Colorado especially if the driver is myself. It would be a nice little ride in Hawaii.

Just looking at our finances right now, I don't think we can afford a new Honda but someday maybe.


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