Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Classroom Amplification

I never knew that there are classrooms nowadays with classroom audio systems. It would have been nice if that technology was available when I was still going to school. I remember being in the classroom one day and not understanding any words uttered by the teacher. When I was asked to stand up to answer a question and did not know what to answer was a huge embarrassment. I was then accused of not listening to her. Ooopppsss...

It would be a great idea for all schools to get classroom amplification equipment for each classroom. Not only will it help the students improve their attention but also help the teacher to not lose her voice. The teacher does not have to raise her voice or repeat instructions. Having this classroom audio technology would surely be a great help to keep the students stay on-task.

My mother and older siblings are teachers so I dream about giving them plenum rated amplifier, speakers, and some other accessories for their classrooms. It would be nice.

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