Monday, February 14, 2011

Computers Recycling

Recently our computer died. Literally. We get absolutely no luck when we try to boot. It is like the hard drive decided just to shut itself off. I was in the process of transferring pictures from hard drive to CD when this happened. The silly thing was not even courteous enough to allow me to get all the pictures off before it kicked the bucket. I have decided that for this I am going to forsake recycling this computer and choose the most inhumane computer disposal method that I can find.

This computer does not to be recycled. Its faithful years of service mean nothing to me. I am going to just get rid of it and make it a huge pile of e waste. I realize that this does nothing to help the environment, but I am in no mood for negotiation. This computer has taken precious memories from me and my family. Memories that I had trusted it with.

For you though, I would highly recommend a green way of disposing your computer. Consider computer recycling as an option when you upgrade, or your computer betrays you by dying. Maybe I should reconsider how I get rid of my piece of crap that has kicked the bucket at a most inopportune time. Perhaps you should try to convince me.


Computer Recycling said...

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