Friday, February 11, 2011


Soon, the company my husband works for is going to fly him all over the place, including to Australia. There are limited carriers in to and out of Australia so finding cheap flights in and out of the country can be a problem. United Airlines and Qantas seemed to have the best prices a few years back, but now it seems even Singapore airlines may be making limited trips into Sydney. My husband has always wanted to see Australia, and we are all happy that he may soon get there. I guess the main drawback is that he might have to pay for the trip up front, and then be reimbursed. That is hard to do on a limited budget.

Thankfully they at least seem quick to reimburse him compared to the last company he worked for. If he is lucky, maybe he can use their travel service to book the international flights he will be taking. Unfortunately sometimes he travels on short notice. This makes it difficult to use a travel service... sometimes. We shall see how this latest adventure goes for him.

I wish I could travel with him especially to Australia but it sounds so impossible right now. I am just glad that he gets a chance to do that and explore interesting places.


Counter Height Dining Table said...

I just love travelling. If I have time i will really travel.

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