Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Plans

I am planning on bringing my father to the United States really soon. I need him here with us because aside from staying with my kids while I work, he can also get to know my kids really closely. My father is very excited to come to the US but his paperwork is not ready yet. He has a lot of wrong information in his birth certificate (due to my illiterate grandparents) but things happen I guess for a reason so I am going to wait patiently.

I also need to think about my father's medical plan and dental plan. He said he can work as well and he is still strong but at this point of our economy, I think employers are picky now about offering full time hours with heath and dental benefits. This is going to be very interesting especially if I end up staying at home due to the unstable economy. I hope that won't happen but who knows what is going on. I may have to think about finding a work from home job soon just in case.


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