Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where to Buy Kodak Ink

I find it hard to believe sometimes that a company has never upset anyone. No one or a company is perfect or no one can please everyone, don't you think? Well, I was searching for an affordable Kodak printer ink and I found The 5 stars testimonials in the homepage caught my eye. I was looking for more testimonials or more varieties of testimonials (not just all 5 stars) but I could not find a link. Maybe I am just not good at finding them.

Inkgrabber specializes in bringing ink to consumers at low prices. They sell all brands, but I found the Kodak line most appealing. Kodak is an industry leader in a lot of things. Inkgrabber sells Kodak Printer Ink, Kodak ink cartridges and other Kodak ink prices at a good value compared with other retail prices. In an economy like ours any penny saved is valuable. Should I give inkgrabber a shot? Their prices look highly reasonable.

If you have purchased inks from, please tell me your experience with them.


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